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About Us

About Us

We are an, energetic and innovative team who take the best proven RFID building blocks from the world’s leading RFID hardware and tag manufacturers, combine with our modular and well architected software to create one of the best RFID solutions. With our Enterprise software and integration skills we tailor solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs. Working closely with your organisation, we develop customised solutions to help meet your objectives and surpass your expectations.

Our software, branded as iTrack™, is web based as well as client-server based and caters for customers with single RFID reader to thousands of readers scattered worldwide. TrackSeal solutions are created keeping in the following objectives –


1. How to streamline the business processes by using RFID?

2. Reduce man power

3. Reduce mistakes

4. Reduce processing delays

5. Increase efficiency

6. Automate Processes

7. Cost effective

8. Reduce paperwork

9. Reduce shrinkage/losses

10. Short ROI (Return on investment) period

TrackSeal's team of professionals comprising of experienced Architect, senior software developers, senior project managers and highly trained engineers, are fully committed to providing customers with outstanding solutions, service and support. The company maintains offices in Australia and India and has a reseller network across numerous countries.

TrackSeal is always on the forefront of technology adoption, may it be RFID related or software development related, thereby ensuring that our customers get the best and latest solution available in the market. Our R&D team is always busy inventing new ways to improve software quality.

We are a true partner to each one of our customers. Our customer care solutions include:

  • Full integration support with leading OEM suppliers
  • Full integration solution to customer’s existing software vendors
  • Product development and design assistance from concept-to-completion
  • Reengineering applications to ensure our customers receive the best solutions available in the marketplace
  • Automated data exchange with customer database and services

TrackSeal is the leading solution provider for:

  • UHF Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Barcode
  • BLE Beacon
  • Active (WiFi) tags
  • GPS
  • Enterprise mobile computing.

TrackSeal focuses exclusively on UHF (ultra-high frequency) RFID (radio-frequency identification) solutions. UHF RFID enables writing individualized information to and reading information from tagged items without line of sight, at longer range, higher speed, lower cost, and with more automation than any competing technology. Our tags embrace the global industry standard for UHF RFID, called UHF Gen 2. UHF Gen 2 systems are ideally suited for high-volume, item-level applications that require low-cost consumable tags, such as retail inventory management, pharmaceutical authentication, and airline baggage tracking.