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Rfid Barcode Nfc Readers

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RFID/ Barcode/ NFC Scanners

TrackSeal supplies and supports many RFID/Barcode readers from many manufacturers. TrackSeal not only supplies the Readers, but also the apps for all supplied scanners. Please contact us for customized apps.

Some of the supported Reader Manufacturers are –



RFID Fixed Reader FX9600

Easy to deploy, use, and manage, Motorola’s high performance FX7400 / FX7500 / FX9500 / FX9600 series of fixed RFID readers is ideally suited for global enterprise RFID deployment in space-constrained, customer-facing environments. 

It boasts a compact design married with a set of highly integrated, enterprise features including: auto-discovery and application-specific set-up for ease of installation; power over Ethernet (POE) to eliminate the need for costly power drops; and advanced features for secure data transmission. This unique combination makes the FX7400 series of RFID readers particularly well-suited for retail inventory and enterprise asset management applications in any environment where RFID deployment requires a small footprint.

To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your most rugged environments, your operation needs an RFID reader that can keep up with the high volume and wide variety of pallets, cases and tagged items that go in, out and through your warehouse and dock doors each day.

Now, get the performance and features you need to handle it all with the FX9600 — without breaking the bank. With industry-leading read rates, exceptional read accuracy and superior RF sensitivity, the FX9600 has what it takes to automate nearly every aspect of your inventory management — from receiving and put away to picking and shipping — without errors or bottlenecks. The FX9600 is the industry-best performance your operation needs at a price you can afford.

MC3330R Integrated UHF RFID Handheld Reader

RFID brings a new level of efficiency to inventory and asset management, order fulfillment and more. To maximize productivity, you

want to give your workers a device that provides a new level of comfort, task speed, ease of use and accuracy to your RFID applications.

The MC3330R handheld RFID reader delivers it all. You get the signature rugged design of Zebra’s industrial handheld products for

maximum uptime. The MC3330R is one of the lightest devices in its class with the right ergonomics for all-day comfort. Superior RFID

read performance and receiver sensitivity enable lightning-fast capture of even the most challenging RFID tags. Workers can read both

RFID tags and barcodes with point and shoot simplicity. And you can create intuitive Android applications that use the MC3330R’s

powerful computing platform, large touchscreen, and physical keypad. The MC3330R — the next evolution in handheld RFID readers.


ATR7000 RTLS Reader

Redefine operational efficiency with superior, affordable real-time locationing

What you can’t see will hurt your business — if you don’t know where your critical assets are located, you won’t be able to achieve

maximum operational efficiency and workforce productivity. Introducing the ATR7000 — a new class of RFID reader offering advanced

Zebra-only technology that provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets. With the ATR7000, you can see

where your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and more are located — and if they are on the move, in which direction they are

moving. Now, you can identify, locate and track items in real time — and receive real-time alerts to improve compliance and loss

prevention. With its simplified configuration and management interface, the ATR7000 couldn’t be easier to deploy. Multiple mounting

and power options make installation a snap. Zebra software tools enable rapid development of your RFID applications — from a basic

application at a single dock door to a complex application that covers every inch of the largest warehouse or manufacturing plant.

And when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO), the ATR7000 can’t be beat. Get the RTLS reader that offers superior technology, superior locationing accuracy, superior tag visibility and superior value — the ATR7000, only from Zebra.


Complete range of Industrial Handheld UHF RFID Readers from Zebra -

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