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Rfid Readers

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RFID Readers

TrackSeal software supports uniform interface to many RFID reader suppliers. Some of the supported Reader Manufacturers are –


Easy to deploy, use, and manage, Motorola’s high performance FX7400 / FX7500 / FX9500 / FX9600 series of fixed RFID readers is ideally suited for global enterprise RFID deployment in space-constrained, customer-facing environments. 

It boasts a compact design married with a set of highly integrated, enterprise features including: auto-discovery and application-specific set-up for ease of installation; power over Ethernet (POE) to eliminate the need for costly power drops; and advanced features for secure data transmission. This unique combination makes the FX7400 series of RFID readers particularly well-suited for retail inventory and enterprise asset management applications in any environment where RFID deployment requires a small footprint.

FX9600 - 

To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in your most rugged environments, your operation needs an RFID reader that can keep up with the high volume and wide variety of pallets, cases and tagged items that go in, out and through your warehouse and dock doors each day.

Now, get the performance and features you need to handle it all with the FX9600 — without breaking the bank. With industry-leading read rates, exceptional read accuracy and superior RF sensitivity, the FX9600 has what it takes to automate nearly every aspect of your inventory management — from receiving and putaway to picking and shipping — without errors or bottlenecks. The FX9600 is the industry-best performance your operation needs at a price you can afford.



  • Available in 2 or 4 antenna port configurations, expandable to 32 antennas with Speedway Antenna Hub to deliver lower total cost of ownership and greater application flexibility
  • Impinj gateways combine industry-leading reader performance with advanced antenna arrays to continuously identify items and their locations within large areas
  • Exclusive, patented Autopilot capability simplifies deployment and delivers more than 1,100 tag reads per second by automatically optimizing settings for best, most reliable, and efficient performance:
  • Autoset: Continuously senses environmental RF noise and interference levels, automatically selecting appropriate reader configuration settings
  • Low duty cycle: Reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy cost by only transmitting when tags are in field
  • Dynamic antenna switching: senses where tags are in the field and automatically focuses more time on the antennas with the largest tag populations in view
  • The industry’s highest RF sensitivity (-84dBm) provides greater accuracy and longer read ranges
  • Simple deployment via Power over Ethernet (PoE), with enterprise-class management and monitoring
  • Field-proven, enterprise-class durability with high mean-time between failure


Middle Range Integrated Reader MR6021A

The product is compatible with multi-protocol, small volume, quickly read, round-polar antenna is no limited of direction for tag, proof-water, can be used widely in RFID systems, the mainly applying site.


Technical Specifications
Model MR6021A             
Protocol ISO18000-6B?ISO18000-6C?EPC GEN2?
Frequency Standard ISM 902?928MHz and ISM 865?868MHz, other frequency available
Operation Mode FHSS
RF Power 0~30dBm?software programmable
Reading Speed Software  ProgrammableAverage Reading per 64Bits?<6ms
Reading Mode Timing or Touch, Software  Programmable
Data Ports Standard: Wiegand26/34, RS485?RS232?software programmable Custom-made: WIFI?RJ45
Data Input Port Trigger input one team
Reading Range More than 6 m
Reading Clue Buzzer and LED
Antenna Built-in round polarization antenna Gain 7dBi
Power Supply DC?9V direct current power(power adapter)
Dimension 240mm×240mm×30mm
Weight 1 Kg
Operation Temp -20c ~ +80c



RFID Industrial Handheld UHF Reader

Android based mobile computer - RFD8500 + TC51/56

Add high-performance next generation RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanning to the mobile devices of today and tomorrow — simply, easily and cost-effectively. Just pair the Bluetooth-enabled RFD8500 with a compatible Zebra or third-party mobile device and you’re ready to go. You can attach the mobile device to the RFD8500 sled for a complete one-piece solution — or workers can put the mobile device in a pocket and use the RFD8500 in standalone mode.

Whether your workers are capturing RFID tags or barcodes, they get leading edge technology that delivers unparalleled performance. And with support for Android™, iOS, and in the future, Windows®, you get real investment protection — the RFD 8500 sleds you buy today will work with the devices you use now, and in the future.



Android based Mobile Computer - TS-4072

Powerful Application Performance Based on fluent Android 6.0 OS, this device features powerful quad-core 1.3GHz processor, together with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM, plus a SD card that can add up to 32GB expansion.
Superior UHF RFID Capability
It provides new levels of UHF RFID reading/ writing performance. It is configured with R2000 circularly polarized antenna to enable bulk reading from long range.
Multiple Data Capture Options
In addition to its superior UHF RFID, it can also be integrated with class-leading 1D/2D barcode scan head, high-precision iris recognition module and camera. It delivers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in collecting data.
4G LTE — Faster Connectivity
With a variety of options including 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it will never interrupt your work either indoors or outdoors with fast and stable network connectivity.
Rugged and Durable
With IP64 rating, it is highly dust-proof and water-proof. This rugged device can sustain multiple 1.2m/3.9ft drops to the concrete under harsh environment. It also features 5.2 inch high-resolution (1080P) IPS LCD screen and rugged capacitive touch panel.
Prolonged Battery Life
8000mAh battery volume enables your workers to perform a whole day’s intensive tasks without charging mid-way.

Windows CE based - TS-30xx / TS-50xx series








Standard function with UHF/WiFi/Bluetooth, Optional function include 1D/2D barcode scanning, Fingerprint authentication, GPRS communication and GPS positioning

  • Embedded with CE 6.0 operation system, RFID data collect, storage function.
  • Full-featured with Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, GPRS, 2D barcode, 1D/2D barcode.
  • Exceptional ergonomics ensure comfortable usage.
  • ID function supply multi-protocol configuration, easy to operate.
Technical Parameters
Model TS-3015
Protocol ISO18000-6B / ISO18000-6C / EPC GEN2
Frequency Range Standard ISM 902 - 928MHz or ISM 865 - 868MHz, other frequency available
Operation Mode FHSS
RF Power 0~30dBm,software adjustable
Identify Distance Read 5m (depending on tag type), write 1.5m (Impinj R2000)
Operating System Microsoft WinCE 6.0
CPU / Display Freescale 800MHz, 3.5" QVGA backlit TFT-LCD
Memory Capacity 256MB RAM, 4GB iNAND Flash
Data Interface standard: Bluetooth, WIFI
Options:1D barcode, 2D barcode, GPS, GPRS
Power Supply 3.7V (lithium battery) supply power adapter
Working Time Can operate on battery for almost 11 Hrs
Protection Grade IP65
Net Weight 330 g without Pistol Grip
Dimension 153mm × 75mm × 29mm
Operation Temp -10c ~ +50c


Zebra MC9190Z

To put more product into the hands of your customers – and put more profit into your pockets – you need to know wha you have and where to find it. On the dock or in the storeroom, the MC9190-Z Handheld RFID Reader is designed to make that job faster and easier.
The MC9190-Z is Zebra's new best-in-class standard for handheld RFID readers. With its high RF sensitivity that provides for greater accuracy, higher throughput and longer reads, the MC9190-Z reaches further to bring reliable data about your products right to your fingertips. Inventory counts can be accomplished more often, more quickly and accurately and, unlike scanning with bar codes, without line of sight. Then, armed with more complete information, you can better locate and track assets and inventory, and manage your stock levels to avoid running out of product or
carrying expensive excess inventory.

The MC9190-Z is sealed to meet IP64 standards so you can use it even in dust or rain. A tough, non-glare LCD screen allows for optimal reading in bright sunlight and worry-free glass protection in rugged use. The MC9190-Z’s specially designed corner bumpers enable it to handle repeated drops to a concrete floor with a 6ft./1.8m drop spec.
We built it to work for a living, even in your toughest environment.


ALR-9900+ Enterprise RFID Reader Family

High Performance, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage
The Alien ALR-9900+ Enterprise Reader enables users to deploy manageable, robust, best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications. The result is highly reliable, automatic data capture.

Good Citizen: EPC Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode
the ALR-9900+ is compliant with the EPC Gen 2 Dense Interrogator specification, which reduces interference impact on other readers.

Strong Filtering for Interference Rejection 
The powerful, dynamically adjustable signal processing architecture of the ALR-9900+ ensures strong interference rejection in the presence of other readers or devices.

Event-triggered operation and Autonomous Mode 
the Autonomous Mode functionality of the Alien Reader Protocol enables the reader to collect tag data when triggered by external events detected by electric eyes and other sensors. In this mode, readers are activated only when needed, thereby reducing the ambient signal level.



2.4 GHz Active RFID Reader TS-AR-7241
  • Reader is industrial design with built-in watchdog chipset to ensure the system work continuously, Watchdog monitoring the GPRS module and CPU all the time, if the GPRS module or CPU does not response for long time, Reader will restart automatically. Reader is very suitable for long-term continuous work applications.
  • Reader support main and backup data centre, user can set both main data centre IP address or domain name, when Reader fail to connect with main data centre, it will try to connect backup data centre automatically
  • Reader can save the TAG card information in the NVRAM buffer, if the GPRS network is abnormal, the reader will save data in the NVRA. When the network returns to normal, the data will be sent immediately. NVRAM has the feature of retaining data even when there is no power.
  • With built-in 1000mA Lithium battery, it can work for 3 hours if the external power supply cut off. The built-in temperature sensor can monitor environment temperature in real-time
  • With SMS remote control, users can query the device working status  and can reboot reader through SMS
  • FAM communication with the RFID data center through GPRS; if GPRS disconnect, FAM can send the TAG information via SMS for backup tunnel
  • FAM support timing arm/disarm function, it can perform a specified time every day to arm/disarm; FAM also support any mobile phone number via a password to arm/disarm, after the instruction is executed successfully, FAM will arm/disarm information to the administrator phone as well
  • DO (digital output) port supports programmable output
  • DI ports support zone type setting which can be set to as common zone, delay zone, intelligent zone, emergency zone, home zone
  • FAM provides the interface to connect with camera, real-time remote image capture, with the FAM IO ports, real-time capture images when an alarm is generated, and sent to the data centre
Technical Specifications
GPRS Quad Bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Dual SIM Slot (Optional)
Tag Data buffer Smart Power Management
Li-Battery Inside (Optional) GPS (Optional)
DO Port Programmable Output DI port zone type setting
SMS backup tunnel Watchdog design to keep alive all time
Enhanced EMC/EMI design Frequency : 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz
Antenna : Connect 1 antenna through SMA Max power range : 0dbm
Receiving Sensitivity : -90 dbm Tag Identify Time: < 1ms
Reading/Writing Tag time: < 0.5ms (read), 1ms (write) Reading/Writing Tag range: 0 - 60M (Max)
Anti-collision: Can identify more than 100 tags at the same time Operating method: Fixed frequency (Set via software)
Data interface: RS232/GPRS/TCP-IP (Optional) Dimension: 116 x 155 x 26 mm
Weight: 370g Voltage: DC 12V – 18VDC
Operating Temperature: -45 to +75C Relative Humidity: 95% (Non-condensing)


The 2.45 GHz Gain Adjustable RFID Reader uses a built in Omni-directional antenna allowing it to identify transponder tagged items up to 100 meters in all directions. Users can adjust the identification distance from less than 5 meters to 100 meters according to actual situations in order to make identification more accurate. The reader uses an advanced 0.18 μm CMOS IC for ultra-low power consumption. The reader features optional built in PoE (Power over Ethernet) which is the ability for the LAN switching infrastructure to provide power over a copper Ethernet cable to an endpoint or powered device.

Technical Specifications
Operation Frequency 2.4 to 2.5 GHz ISM Microwave band
Modulation GFSK
Wireless transmission mode 1MBps
Operation Mode Direct Mode and Buffering mode
Identify mode Non-directional identify mode, 360 angle
Identify range 0 to 100M adjustable
Identify speed >80KM with directional antenna
Operational Temperature -40 to +85 C
Weight 1.5 KG
Dimension 126 x 104 x 28mm
Data interface Standard: TCP/IP (PoE optional)
Power 50 mA, 9V
Multi Detection 100 tags/sec